Picture two young brothers seated on a low wall in Hollywood Beach. They hug, look at each other and then smile.
That smile – a spontaneous demonstration of love – is what Olavo Ceravolo describes as one of his most meaningful shots. It wasn’t coaxed or planned. It just happened.
Unscripted moments like these need someone aware of their presence, sensitive to their timing and able to photographically preserve them. Olavo Ceravolo is that someone.
As a young man, his grandfather in Brazil entrusted him with an Olympus Trip 35 camera and charged him with the responsibility of documenting family gatherings. As an adult, his work has been shown in both the United States and Brazil. In 2007, photographers worldwide submitted for select gallery displays in Brasilia, the capital city. Olavo’s work was not only chosen, it was displayed in the country’s National Congress, similar to the U.S. House of Representatives.
From then to now, Olavo’s photographic studies and experience have yielded a unique style. It compliments his ability to establish controlled environments that encourage natural behavior and expression. The result? A photographer whose work is the tangible art you had only hoped would commemorate your special day or event.
Olavo Ceravolo and his camera are a team like no other. His observant nature and skill are two ingredients to the priceless, heirloom photography he provides.
Currently Olavo joined forces with Walter Rojter to form Brightclicks Photographers

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